ripples dish
wood vase

'Sir E' Vase

Sir E
This object stemmed from the ‘Connectivity Project’ A ineternational group of makers were asked to consider the confines of a 125mm cube and through a process of interaction arrive at objects. My core interest is in objects that function at some level and I was drawn back to the idea of a functional vessel and not an object that exists for its own sake. Considering the confines of the 125mm cube, I began to explore Ideas the emerged form the box and telescoped in some way to create a new object/objects. The outcome is a vase that expands from the box to make a vessel form. The language of the form derives from the original ideas of rhythm, variation, repetition, recurrence etc. There is a certain repetitive formal order that implies a rhythm. Elements are repeated, changed and scaled to produce derivations of original forms. The object is reminiscent of some early sculptures of Paolozzi or some of Brancusi’s forms.