ripples flat vase
sir E
wood vase

Ripple Platter

Ripples Dish is like a 3D photo. It emulates a normally brief and ephemeral moment of ripples on water and like a photograph, freezes that moment in time. It captures the complexity of the radiating rings and the interference pattern that the two converging ripples create. I wanted to use the technology to make an object that while simple and familiar, is impossible to create by conventional means. The aesthetic of the object does not proclaim or celebrate its digital origins and yet this object is truly a product of technology.

The original object was created It was created in 3D Studio MAX. The base was manufactured in four pieces on a Fused Deposition Model machine in ABS. The four parts of the object were assembled and cast in plaster. The rim was again created using CAD and a quarter section created using rapid prototyping. Using plaster moulds, the complete rim was created and joined to the base to form the dish.

This design was shortlisted in the prestigious DesignBoom 'ceramics for breakfast' competition in january 2007