ripples flat vase
sir E

Wood Vase

The Wood Vase range reappraises the aesthetic for this common object. New configurations and creative use of materials create an object which is strikingly new in it's concept. The ceramic component functions as the water holder while the wooden body of the vase supports the stems. The form chosen for the ceramic component explores the idea of archetypes, a vase within a vase, using an instantly recognisable almost iconic profile.

functional__different__ stimulating

This project was in the top ten (selected from over 3000 international entries) of the Design Boom " the intelligent hand" competition January 2010.

Once again digital manufacturing technologies played a big part in the concept and it production of this piece. The accurate interface between the ceramic and wood was only possible using a CNC router.

CNC router I use for 2 and 3D routing.....................................ply vases made from CNC routed ply lined with resin to make them waterproof